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lexan.JPG I've been building these for the last 100000 miles this is the latest. Avid used to make one called the microadapter. Several companies made cranks which took either a 58mm or a 74mm  inner chainring but these are no longer available. The aluminum came from a computer hard drive which is 2mm thick. I was running it with 5 bolts using the spacer shown which was made out of a chainring with the teeth filed off. However I found a piece of Lexan 2mm thick and made a new spacer so I could use 10 bolts. I will be building a new one using a single speed rear cog perhaps with 18 teeth these also come with 10 holes drilled in them and probably with regular bolts not chainring bolts. Usually I use a 20 tooth inner 36 middle and 42 outer.  
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